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Bhuta Masks

Product Description:
This magnificent collectible mask is of panjurli. Panjurli is the divine spirit of a male wild boar worshipped as a part of Bhuta kola. Panjurli in Tulu means a wild boar offspring. In Tulu land, many wild boars used to destroy cultivated crops of farmers, and hence farmers started worshipping the spirits of wild boars. This was probably later absorbed in Hinduism through the following story. As per paddanas – the ancient Tulu oral literature, goddess Parvati kept an offspring of a wild boar as her pet and loved it dearly. It was very naughty and destroyed the gardens in Kailash. Lord Shiva, angered by this, killed the wild boar. This upset Parvati greatly. To pacify her, Shiva brought it back to life as a spirit and sent it to earth to protect the people and steer them from evil to good.

Product Specification:
28 x 23 x 21 CM

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