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Wooden Masks

Product Description:
Wooden Simha yali bust, Yali also called Vyala, is a Hindu mythological creature, portrayed with the head and the body of a lion, the trunk and the tusks of an elephant, and sometimes bearing equine features. The creature is represented in many South Indian temples, often sculpted onto the pillars. There also exist variations of the creature, with it possessing the appendages of other beasts. It has sometimes been described as a leogryph (part-lion and part-griffin),with some bird-like features, with the trunk referred to as a proboscis. The yali is said to be a guardian creature, protecting human beings both physically and spiritually. It is regarded to be a fearless beast, possessing supremacy over the animal world. It is also believed to be the symbolic representation of man's struggle with the elemental forces of nature. This bust was a part of an antique temple vahanam ,the vegetable paint on this bust is still in its pristine condition.

Product Specification:
32 x 21 x 55 CM

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