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Crafters – A benchmark in antiques and curios

Crafters established in the year of 1989 is an exquisite antiques shop, one of the finest in Kerala. Located in the quaint old quarter of Mattanchery, Cochin, the shop has an alluring collection of antiques, curios, handicrafts, souvenirs and ancient memorabilia from all across India. Rare antiques like religious artifacts, ancient brass-embedded wooden jewel boxes, Kerala’s celebrated traditional uruly, Chinese jars, ceramics, classic furniture, splendid sculptures, architectural marvels, magnificent murals – you name it, Crafters has it.

“Antique fans across India are well acquainted with Sunny and Johny L. Malayil, the affable brothers who preside over a 12,000 square feet former spice warehouse crammed with vintage and new furnishings. ….with six additional shops and more than 100,000 pieces in Jew Town…” – Travel + Leisure magazine, October 2004.

Esteemed Customers,

Please do not be misled by unscrupulous agents, drivers, touts and namesakes. We are based in Jew Town Road only.

When in doubt Pls Call:

The old town of Cochin – Footprints of history

Mattanchery, situated in the western old quarter of Cochin city, is steeped in history. An ancient commercial centre of Kerala, the place has been the favourite haunt of traders from all over the world down the centuries. It’s here that the history of Portuguese voyage to eastern countries unfurls. The Dutch Palace here was originally built by the Portuguese and presented to the Raja of Cochin, Veera Kerala Varma in 1555. It was later taken over by the Dutch, who renovated it in 1663. Today, it is the portrait gallery of the erstwhile Rajas of Kochi. The highlight of the palace is the 17th century mural paintings of mythological figures and scenes from the Ramayana.

Prince Charles with wife Camilla visiting Crafters to see Varpu



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